Farm Flood 2014



  On Monday, September 8th our farm was hit by a torrent of water.  Our farm is bounded on the west by the Muddy River.  While the river is a blessing to our farm providing water for livestock and a respite from the heat, it provided a channel Monday night to the flood that devastated our valley.  This flood was unique in that the water came so quickly.  We feel very blessed that we were able to get all livestock safe to high ground in time.  Some of them had to swim for it, but we all made it:) 

   Over the years our farm has survived flood, fire and pestilence, and the local Health Department!  All natural disasters of Biblical proportions:)  Despite the devastation we will rebuild and rebound!!  This work is too important to our families and community! We are no quitters!!


   If you are concerned about providing, supporting and obtaining, pure, wholesome food from small, local farmers.  If you are conscious about organic, sustainable foods and wanting to preserve the earth, water and soil by sustainable and responsible farming.  If you want to join and support the battle to keep our small family farmers on the farm.  If ever a farmer needed your support, it is NOW!!                                                                             


   We have felt the miraculous power of Providence time and again on this farm.  Most often this is achieved by everyday people just wanting to help out.  We have been overwhelmed and awed by the response of so many people. literally hundreds of people, who have come to the farm to offer physical help.  They have accomplished in a few days time what we thought would take months!  We are now in need of financial support.  Needed:  Fencing, posts, water lines and fixtures, materials for animal shelters and feeders, materials for high tunnels for sensitive crops,  tools, gloves, seeds and transplants to replace damaged crops, etc. 

   Please donate generously to help us rebuild.  We do and will continue to work to provide quality, responsible, wholesome food for our community.  We love what we do despite the challenges.  We will overcome this and will do so with your support.                                                                              

(As I write this a group of youth, I am not exaggerating, over 70 youth from local churches just arrived to help clean up the farm.  With tear-brimmed eyes I am overwhelmed by the willingness of so many willing to give service.  How incredibly marvelous!!!)