QHF Seasonal Intern

Come join us on the farm to learn about organic/biodynamic farming in the desert!  Learn to work the soil, harvest and maintain crops, care for animals and bees, cook using farm fresh foods, run a CSA and/or Farmers Market, etc.  Seasonal internships required.

Hours: 45+ hours per week, normal work times are 6am to 4pm with an hour off for lunch, 5 days per week. Occasional 6-day work weeks and longer work days are required. Normal farm chores 7 days per week will also be required. Can accommodate a few vacation days. Work day times may vary according to the season.

Compensation: $75/week plus room and board. Education and training provided for all aspects of organic, farming.

Housing: you will be staying in a comfortable travel trailer with your own kitchenette and bathroom, to possibly share with 1 or 2 other intern/wwoofer’s of the same sex.

Position description: We are looking for interns/wwoofer’s to assist with all aspects of small scale, organic farming. This can include: field preparation, tractor work, greenhouse seeding and care, transplanting, cultivation, weeding, irrigation, trellising, harvesting, farmers markets, equipment and building maintenance and construction, animal care, and more. There will be times when the intern will be leading volunteers and other workers. Strong communication skills required. Household maintenance and cleanliness expected. Honest, hardworking, efficient, non-judgmental, physical endurance, attention to detail, the ability to work independently and to live and work with many different types of people are qualities that are required.

Position requirements: You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Willingness to drive small box truck, tractors, and operate power tools and equipment. Ability to lift 50 lbs and readiness for the physically rigorous task of farming. Experience spending a lot of time outdoors doing a physically demanding activity (preferably farming; hiking, outdoor sports, or physical outdoor jobs would all fit this criteria.)

Preferred experience: Previous farm experience preferred. Mechanical and building skills a plus. Experience with volunteer management, retail sales, physical outdoor work, and/or communal living all would be beneficial.

Living Situation: This position is more of a lifestyle then just a job. Applicants should be prepared to live and work with the same people, cook using whole foods, and spend much of their time in the open air.

Housing: you will be staying in a comfortable travel trailer with your own kitchenette and bathroom, to possibly share with 1 or 2 other intern/wwoofer’s . Male and female interns will have separate facilities. We provide farm produce and basic staple foods (flour, rice, beans, oatmeal, pasta, and so on). We will expect our interns to prepare one meal per week for the group utilizing the bounty from the farm. We do our best to provide wireless internet, but the service can be spotty. Telephone available for emergencies only. We recommend you bring your own cell phone and/or wireless laptop computer if desired. (Personal food choices can be obtained using your weekly stipend.)

Illegal substances are not permitted, no alcohol allowed on the premises and smoking in designated locations.

Life on the farm involves a lot of hard work, a lot of tasty food, and great people to spend time with. We strive to live in harmony with each other and our natural world. 

Email us at quailhollowfarm@mvdsl.com if you are interested in an internship with us!