Quail Hollow Farm Full-Farm, full year CSA Share!

(Annual, quarterly and monthly payment options available.)

Weekly delivery to Las Vegas now available!

    We are so excited to be offering a "Full-Farm" diet to several families who are committed to our farm for a full year. We always marvel at how much of our own diet comes from our own organic farm and what we source within our area. So few Americans can even consider eating like this!! We are thrilled at the thought that we can offer this wholesome diet to several families in addition to our own! When considering the cost, consider the quality and variety that is offered, many items are not even available to the general public. These foods were once the normal fare for our ancestors, home grown, locally sourced, no industrialized additives such as pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, fillers, gmo-s, etc. Just natural, wholesomeness, the way our food should be!   When members join our farm share it will require a level of awareness about seasonal foods that would seem radical for most American diets.   We do not intend to entirely replace the grocery store; this program offers the ability for members to eat most of their food from the farm.

 What will the Full-Farm diet include? (Except for meats and scarce or limited items, everything offered each week will be all you can reasonably eat for the week. Free choice:)

• Pasture based, hormone-free meats including: Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, rabbit, Thanksgiving turkey and a Christmas goose:). To honor the animals and to consume all cuts, each week there will be specified cuts that you can choose from of the selected meats for the week. This is a fabulous way to enjoy new cuts and varieties you might never have tried before! We will raise most of the meats selected but will also include some meats from local ranchers who share our commitment to quality. Picking up or ordering from the farm each week will allow you to enjoy the different meats without having to have an extra freezer! We eat nose to tail so there will be nutrient dense organ meats available as well as pure tallow and lard! (Did you know that heart disease was virtually non-existent before the introduction of “shortening” and other industrial-made trans-fats?)     Meats are limited to approximately 3 1/2 lbs per person per week. 

• Dairy and eggs: Raw Jersey cow and goat’s milk.  Occasionally we will have cream, yogurt, butter and cheese! There will be plenty of milk available to try your hand at cheese making too, if you like:) Farm fresh, free range eggs in abundance throughout the year:)

• Organic vegetables/fruits/herbs/and flowers: There will always be a nice selection of fresh seasonal produce to choose from in the quantity that you consume. Free choice! Take enough for the week or when our crops are abundant, take extra to preserve, can, freeze or dry to enjoy throughout the year. We will keep in storage such crops as onions, apples, pomegranates, winter squash, root crops, etc. to enjoy throughout the winter months. Most crops will be harvested and waiting for you. Some crops you may want to come and harvest extra for preservation. Feel free to come early and help bring the harvest in:)


• Organic grains and dry legumes: We will provide whole grain wheat and fresh ground whole wheat flour, dry corn and cornmeal (GMO-free), oats, dry beans and more. What we can't grow to begin with we will source from our most local resources. Most of our dry crops tend to be wonderful ancient, heirloom varieties.

• Other goodies as available: Raw honey, sorghum molasses, dry herbal teas, medicinal herbs, handmade soap and more! (Sorghum molasses: We are super excited to offer this old-fashioned sweetener! We have located an old, like Pioneer old, horse-drawn cane mill in good repair here in our valley. Monte has lovingly restored this old antique and she works beautifully!. Join us in the fall for a day of cane pressing and sorghum cooking :)

Delivery to Las Vegas:  Home deliveries will be made each Thursday.  We will send out an email "harvest" list on Mondays.  You will need to have your order back to us by Tuesday evenings.  We will harvest and prepare everything for your delivery on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  Please make sure someone is home on Thursdays to receive your weekly delivery or provide a cool box for us to drop off your weekly order. 

We are so excited to share this amazing food with your family!!!

We are limited to only 10 families for the year.  If you are serious about participating in our Full-Farm CSA, please email or contact Laura @ quailhollowfarm@mvdsl.com or call 702-397-2021.