Quail Hollow Farm Full-Farm Share Agreement 2021

    We have been working to simplify the payment options for this coming year.  It just got too crazy to factor in weeks off and to try to keep track of what was due.  This year we are asking for a simple contribution to the farm depending upon the ages of your family.  Your contribution payment keeps this farm running and available to you.  If you are on vacation or miss a week, don't sweat it.  Know that the farm is still active and working to produce the most amazing fresh foods possible for you and your family and will be here upon your return.:)  Know that we will take a week off here and there for a breather from time to time.  When this happens we will give you plenty of notice so you can double up the week prior.

  Memberships are renewed each January.  We need a full commitment for the year regardless of the payment option you choose.  There is so much that goes into this kind of production.  We welcome new members at any point in the year, as long as we have space. Once signed up, your membership/commitment will extend through the end of the calendar year. Members renew their contracts each January.

Household Name: ______________________________________________________________________

 Physical Address:_________________________________________________________________________


Please fill out the following form including every member of your household.

Please let us know the number of shares you need.  Everyone in the household that eats must be included in the shares (i.e. we do not do 1 share for 2 adults).  We like to know each person that we are farming for so please list your families names.:)

Price Per Person:     Highlight or Circle which payment option you choose

Adult & Children Age 12+  $368 per month  (less than $12 per day)

                                               $4,287 annually (3% discount:)

                                              $1,082 quarterly (2% discount:) Jan / April / July / Oct

                                                             #Of Adults & 12+ Children in Household__________

       Please list Names:___________________________________________________________

 Child Share   Age 3 to 11  $180 per month (less than $6 per day)

                                             $2,095 annually (3% discount)

                                             $2,115 quarterly (2% discount) Jan / April / July / Oct

                                                                                       #Of Children in Household_________

   Please List Names:______________________________________________________________               

Children 2 and under Free:)

    Please List Names:______________________________________________________________

                                         2021 Household Share Total:   $___________

Please send payment to:

Quail Hollow Farm, P.O. Box 688, Overton, NV 89040

(We can take credit cards but must include a 3% service charge.)

For questions, contact us via email @ quailhollowfarm@mvdsl.com or call 702-397-2021.

We are super excited to be your farmers for this year!!!